This introductory photography course focuses on honing creative problem solving skills through the medium of photography. It is structured around five-projects that will be completed over the course of the summer term. Each project will expand the student’s knowledge and skills for creating intellectual and innovative photographic works of art. Lightroom 5 and Photoshop CC will be used throughout this course for the production of your work. The key focus of this class is on the creative process rather than mastering software.

There are two main goals of this class; first, as Dorothea Lange suggests, is to learn better how to see. The camera is an invaluable tool for framing reality as we find it in addition to creating new realities. Moreover, the photograph has become the way we see, experience, and comprehend reality. (Think about attending a concert or other special event. How many people watch that event through their iPhones? This is clear proof that photography mediates reality. Apparently, reality is not enough.)

The second goal of the course is to learn how to use a camera and digital technologies as a tool for creating art. To that end, this class will cover basic DSLR (Digital Single Lens Reflex) camera operation, exposure controls, digital image processing, and printing.

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